Industrial Grease Traps – Taking care of the environment

In the recent years, the shift to environmental conservation has been on the rise. It is a trend that led to the emphasis on clean water and sanitation in the goal five of the International convention on SDGs in the Rio+20 by the United Nations ratified in 2015. Practicing proper waste management is one of the methods that countries across the globe are employing to conserve the environment. Industrial grease trap Melbourne shops sell is one of the popular ways that mechanical workshops and food industry kitchens are using to remove solid fats, oils and greases from liquid affluent streams, thereby conserving the environment.

The effect of improper waste on our environment

There are so many dangers that may result when improper waste material is let into the environment. For example, when oils and other grassy materials are disposed of to the environment, they get into the municipal sanitary style which may result to sewer overflows that can contaminate business sites, homes as well as the outdoors. Such post-spills are quite expensive not only to clean but to maintain as well. Also, for the businesses that don’t carry out regular inspection and cleaning of their storm water retention systems, they risk the beam getting full and overflowing, thus dumping pollutants directly into the streams. When rain water mixes with the industrial materials, they also threaten the life of not only humans but wildlife and agriculture.

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Understanding grease traps

 The way every industrial grease trap in Melbourne comes designed is in such a way that it comprises three main parts. They have the solid particle interceptor which is the sludge catcher, the grease/fat interceptor which prevents the solid fats and grease from rising to the surface of dirty water, and the sampling chanter where the improved quality of cleaned effluent can be monitored. Also, these equipment come rated depending on their flow performance such that for households and other small users the traps are rated at 1.5 lt per second and industry ones are rated at 11lt per second.

How they work

Those that manufacture Melbourne industrial grease trap design them with the aim to improve the quality of discharge of effluent before it enters the municipal sewer and also in a manner that it allows an operator to remove solids as well as grease from the effluent stream with ease. Among the most frequent problems that face the industrial grease trap Melbourne shops sell is oil overload. The reason is most of the modern fuels, lubricants as well as catering oils are highly complex compounds which are difficult to decompose and thus take a long time to break down. They then result to congested, slimy drain pipes with foul odors. Also, the same applies to the food particles which accumulate and cause blockages unless dealt with correctly and on time.

For any industrial grease trap Melbourne shops sell, to work optimally, proper maintenance practices have to be carried out on them. This means regular cleaning and care of the equipment. Go buy industrial grease trap in Melbourne today and be a part of the global agenda on environmental conservation. Visit for options.