Early Childhood Education Diploma: Your Key to a Successful Career

Someone needs to look over the quality of education in Australia, as there might be some bad news to address. The results of international tests conducted to determine the country’s test scores show that there is a significant decline or has stagnated. According to the results presented on the Global Education and Skills Forum held on Apr. 13-15, out of the top 50 countries in the world, Australia ranked 18 out of 50 in math. In addition to this, Australia also ranked 19 out of 50 in Science and 21 out 50 in reading literacy. Education experts suggest that this alarming decline and becoming stagnant of test scores can be attributed to the faulty design of the country’s educational system. This is why, the government is fixing its system from the roots and if your passion lies in educating the young, you can help by having your diploma of early childhood education.

What is early childhood education?

Early childhood education is one of the branches of education theory that deals with teaching young children up until they reach the age of eight. Upon earning your early childhood education degree, you will learn that the first years of a child is about knowing himself. You will also learn that kids around this age bracket learn by playing and by socializing with other kids.

What are its practical implications?

A lot of studies have shown that through early childhood education, success in the classroom is increased and the risks for their socio-emotional health are decreased. This makes early childhood education crucial to the preparation of these young people for a better life. A few studies have also reported that there is an average increase of 4-11 points in terms of IQ scores from the children who enrolled in early childhood education classes.

In addition to that, children who have enrolled in an early childhood education class scored significantly higher on math and reading tests compared to those who did not when they reached the age of 15 as reported by a known ECE (Early Childhood Education) study project called the Abecederian Project. On top of that, the same ECE study project has also reported that children that are enrolled in ECE programs are more likely to take four year courses by 36% compared to those who did not.

What am I supposed to expect once I get the diploma?

It might not pay as much as the other jobs but this job is in demand for sure. Unlike other higher paying jobs, once you get your diploma of early childhood education, a job is almost automatically waiting for you and getting promoted is easier. This is because of the reason that there is a national shortage on preschool teachers because the government has recently changed the child to teacher ratio to 1:5 to 1:4. This means that more teachers must be employed to keep up with the high standards that the government is implementing.

Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing an awkward little boy develop into a blossoming young man. Seeing your students succeed is probably one of the most fulfilling things in the world. So, if you like teaching and being around kids, then get that diploma of early childhood education ASAP!