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The jesusali.com is a blog for the techie geeks that brings you independent and well researched coverage on computer technology topics amongst others.  The topics that we cover range from the internet to telecommunications. In addition, we have broadened the coverage to include home and gardens tips as well as finance-related topics.

We have a great and talented team of contributors with considerable experience covering the technology industry over the years. We spot the latest industry developments and bring these to you in comprehensive and insightful coverage that helps you develop a well rounded understanding of the trends that shape the industry.  Our content will augment your understanding of the latest software technology and development trends. Our readers include the whole spectrum of the industry players.

You will find comprehensive coverage on the business phone systems by PROSUM and tips on how you can choose the best systems for your business, and tips on choosing the best Forex trading education programs in order to improve your mastery of FX trading. On the financial side, we have handy tips that you can use to find the best commercial refrigerators or dispose of your junk vehicles in the most environmentally sustainable and socially responsible way.

To enhance your experience on our site, we have improved the site navigation and added categories that help you find the right content that you are looking for. We are open to comments and suggestions from our readers to help us improve your experience even more. Thanks for stopping by jesusali.com and we hope that you will enjoy reading our blog!

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